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The pilot of SUCCESSION on HBO premiered Sunday June 3rd at 10pm! I'm in it for a short scene with Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfayden, directed by Adam McKay.

Please watch episode 2 this Sunday, June 10th! I get into some shenanigans with Sarah Snook.

**Update: The storyline that I was a part of was cut down drastically, and with it most of my scenes. I'm no longer in episodes 2, 3 or 6, but you can still catch me briefly in episode 4 with Sarah Snook and Eisa Davis.**

We shot the pilot in the winter of 2016. My character's name is also "Sarah."


SUCCESSION premieres June 2018 on HBO! Check out the trailer! I have a recurring role in Season 1 and really enjoyed working with directors Adam McKay, Mark Mylod, Adam Arkin, and Andrij Parekh.


I have a recurring role in Season 1 of SUCCESSION, premiering June 2018 on HBO.


Worked on an HBO pilot! Directed by Adam McKay. Thank you to Henry Russell Bergstein!

Update: the pilot was picked up! Read about it here in Variety!

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baby chemist: "RIDE IN" now on Spotify

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