ACTOR hailing from Southern California who now resides in New York. AEA and SAG-AFTRA member. NYU BFA (with Honors) with improv training from UCB (through 401 + Musical Improv 101), and a background in sketch.

SINGER (thanks, Mike Ruckles!) who has performed at the Beacon Theater, Yankee Stadium, and at her boyfriend's grandma's 90th birthday party. Sings and throws glitter with the indie-rock band SKY-PONY, lead by Lauren Worsham and Kyle Jarrow.

SONGWRITER /lead vocalist for Americana rock band baby chemist, with Travis Artz. We signed a song to Nashville's Kirsti Mannasongs (Blake Shelton's "Austin"). Our single "RIDE IN" is out now.

DANCER (17+ years)  and CHOREOGRAPHER who choreographed viral YouTube hits for Golden Globe Winner Rachel Bloom (the CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Our collaboration on the comedy hit "Fuck Me Ray Bradbury" garnered the attention of Mr. Bradbury himself and was nominated for a Hugo Award. We collaborated again for a comedic follow-up: "You Can Touch My Boobies," again directed by Paul Briganti (SNL). Served as associate choreographer of Jukebox the Ghost's video of their summer smash "Somebody." Performed the duties of dance captain for some off-Broadway shows, as well. 

Headshots by Ted Ely Photography.

"A smart, rightfully skeptical performance by Katie Lee Hill"

"Katie Lee Hill, as an obsequious Grid drone, provides tickling insouciance and executes a nice split."

"So much spunk and coquetry that you can’t imagine the drama without her, and wouldn’t want to.

Her laugh will win you over every time."

"Katie Lee Hill as Bruiser’s deadpan psychologist was a hoot."

"[The choreographer] deserves notice for enabling some fine individual turns, especially by Katie Lee Hill."

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