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KPOP Off-Broadway

We just closed our extended run of KPOP! We were in previews starting 9/5; officially opened 9/22; and extended our run until 10/21! By the end of the completely sold out run, we had people lining up 4 hours before the show for cancellation, waitlist, and rush tickets. Thanks everyone who made it out to the factory!


- "A smart, rightfully skeptical performance by Katie Lee Hill" (Vulture)

*Pictured above: KPOP girl group SPECIALK (photo by HanJie Chow).

*Left to right: Susannah Kim (as "Mina"), Deb Kim (as "XO"), Julia Abueva (as "Sonoma"), Katie Lee Hill (as "Tiny D"), Cathy Ang (as "JinHee"), and Sun Hye Park (as "Callie).

More buzz:

- "A delightfully snarky Katie Lee Hill" (NoProscenium)

- "While the overall show is fun in spirit, this trio of actresses [Katie Lee Hill, Sun Hye Park, and Susannah Kim] succeeds in conveying the more serious issues lurking within the K-Pop machine, and celebrity culture in general." (OffOffOnline)

*Pictured above: Opening Night Party. (Photo for BroadwayWorld by Linda Lenzi.)

Celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tina Fey, Lea Salonga, Kal Penn, and David Schwimmer came out to support! Lin-Manuel even tweeted: "If these were real bands I would follow them around the country like f**kin PHISH WHAT an incredible cast and score."

Thanks everyone for coming out to the KPOP factory!

And thanks to Ars Nova, Ma-Yi Theatre Company, and Woodshed Collective for making the magic happen.

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